March 9, 2009

For this typography project I have chosen a picture I found randomly – the picture is sponsored by  The picture reads “Most homeless people have moved on but their problems havent gone away.”  but the font is formed in a very interesting shape.  The shape appears to be a woman sitting on the the curb of which it was drawn (probably meant to be a homeless woman).  From this I have taken the slouched posture of the woman gives off a vibe of depression, shame, maybe even uncomfort.  The placement of the font is very interesting because not only is it on a curb- giving off a homeless feel- but it is also a very dirty area when it could just as easily been a clean portion of street- interesting.  The typeface is rather hard to read- it appears to be something similar to times new roman but obviously waved and distorted- very psychedelic if you ask me.  The message is not very well translated by the text but I do enjoy the way they incorporated the shape of a homeless person into the picture – giving it the little clarity it has.  reverse-graffiti-backdrop


One Response to “Graffiti”

  1. tumanova Says:

    well it’s not times new roman…

    i think you were more accurate in class when you said it had a “psychedelic” feel to it…swirly, moving, weird. it’s only effective in the sense that it makes you concentrate on the words, and read it. it gives you the choice to just look, or get deeper into its meaning.

    nice pick.

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